New 1.0 track for edgex-cli


Could you please create a “1.0” track for the edgex-cli snap. We’re updating latest/stable to version 2.1.0 and want to archive the current 1.0.1 version from latest/stable in a 1.0 track.

Thanks Siggi

+1 as reviewer and I’ve created the 1.0 track.

Note that ideally tracks should still be kept up to date with security fixes (I’m reiterating this due to you stating “archive”) so that people who explicitly choose to stay on 1.0 still get updates and aren’t exposed to vulnerabilities. If you plan to not maintain 1.0, it’s probably fine to keep it in a track for some time, but I would recommend socializing and documenting a move/upgrade to a maintained release and eventually deprecating and closing 1.0.

  • Daniel