NetworkManager snap not setting route-metric

Hi all,

Probably a question/bug for the NetworkManager snap maintainers. Why can’t I set the route metric for my connection profiles anymore? I can set IP addresses and whatnot, but not route-metrics?

Been running Core20, and network-manager from the 20/stable branch, version 1.22.10-23, also happening on the normal Ethernet connections too. Reference below:


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As for the NetworkManager logs, there’s no indicator that there’s an error or something. Using the command:

sudo nmcli con mod "Wired connection 1" ipv4.route-metric '10'

Journalctl log:

NetworkManager[1271]: <info> [1707894949.0299] audit: op="connection-update"on-update" uuid="ef25e0a4-886a-4bd6-9ab8-c4d8ca5dbf31" name="Wired connection 1" args="connection.timestamp,ipv4.route-metric" pid=102391 uid=1000 result="success"