Networkmanager plug permissions

Hi there,

I am packaging some software into a snap, that creates an WiFi Access Point in the computer. I am using python-networkmanager ( a wrapper to the networkmanager DBUS interface) and the networkmanager plug.

So the python script does exactly what is intended to when run manually outside the snap context. However, when run inside the snap the user will get a prompt requesting the password of the Ad-Hoc network that the script is attempting to create, instead of just doing the operation transparently.

I suspect that there is may be a plug missing that I have to add, or may be there is something that I do not understand on how snaps are run, preventing the NetworkManager to trust the software.

I’m a bit lost. any directions to check out?

Thank you!

It seems that the issue was that NetworkManager would store the password in the user keyring. The snap didn’t have permissions for that apparently (maybe a missing plug?)

Setting an option to the password to be stored by the system solved this issue: the user is not prompted again.

For future reference: setting psk-flags to 0.