Network-manager refresh fails to auto-connect plugs

Just spotted this on my laptop, unsure if it’s worth flagging.

Automatically connect eligible plugs and slots of snap “network-manager”

2020-02-06T16:10:17Z INFO cannot auto-connect plug network-manager:nmcli, candidates found: network-manager:service, core:network-manager
2020-02-06T16:10:17Z INFO cannot auto-connect slot network-manager:service to network-manager:nmcli, candidates found: core:network-manager, network-manager:service

OS: KDE neon User Edition 5.17 x86_64
Kernel: 5.3.0-28-generic

Are you using network-manager as a snap on classic Ubuntu (or a flavor)? I’m not sure that is supported or not, @abeato perhaps you can comment?

I now noticed the same thing on my htpc running Ubuntu Server 18.04.

To my knowledge I’m not using it in any capacity.

Sorry I should have been more specific, rather I don’t think the network-manager snap is supported on any non-Ubuntu Core installation, which includes both Server and Desktop. I updated my comment

You can use network-manager on desktop, although you might need some manual configuration. The failure to auto-connect network-manager:nmcli (this problem does not happen on Ubuntu Core) is probably a snapd bug, see Network-manager broken for desktop Ubuntu .