Network Manager connection to openvpn server

Hi All, Ive been banging my head with how to get a ubuntu core 20 pi to connect to a openvpn server…

First I saw the easy-openvpn and tried that as the client and kept on failing, finally I ready something that said its not going to be supported any longer, then I though about the network manager… as I use that in my daily driver…so I copy the ovpn file scp @:~/ then try and run it with sudo nmcli connection import file xxx.ovpn type openvpn and get back the following error Error: failed to load VPN plugin: unknown VPN plugin “org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openvpn” now I have testeted the file and it works perfectly on my 20.04 Lts no problem…

My end goal is to have all devices accessable… as I need to remotly support them… so this will need to auto dial in everytime the device starts … Question Am i going about this the wrong way ?? Is there a better way / more modern approach a newer technology??

I suspect the networkmanager snap is missing support for openvn. @abeato probably knows best.

Is this something that we can get escalated, sorry I don’t know what the correct procedure is for this?.. I wouldn’t know where to begin? I’m guessing that the network-manager snap would need to be repackaged ha ha ha, let me know if there is something I can do with my limited knowledge.

VPN support in NM is provided by external plugins. And yes, these plugins are not yet included in the network-manager snap, although I agree it would be a nice addition. Of course, contributions to the snap are very welcomed, you can use the snap-20 branch of the snap repo as base for your changes: