Network connection on Microstack

Hi Team:

I’m very new to using snap and I don’t know how to solve this situation, I wanted to see if someone could guide me with what I’m looking for.

I installed Microstack to test OpenStack, from what I understand Microstack is running on snap. As I need to link the physical interfaces of my ubuntu server, to those of Microstack to be able to use them in OpenStack, I don’t know how to do something like that.

From what I understood reading the snap documentation, I need to configure the “snap connections”, more precisely in the “network” and “network-bind” interfaces, what is not very clear to me is how to make this modification. Could someone guide me where to find some of this?

I clarify that I read all the items in the documentation “”, is there any additional documentation that can help me with this that I have overlooked?

Thank you very much in advance,

Martin Pedros