NetBeans Platform application with custom Java Runtime

I’m about to create my first snap,
a snap of Mapton, it’s kind of a Google Earth application, based on the NetBeans Platform.

The releases contains a bundled custom JRE.

Is it possible to create a snap from the linux-release zip in order to get the pre-built artifact and the custom jre, or do I have to build it from scratch for the snap?

While building from sources adds (some level of) confidence that what you run is what you see in the sources (when the software is open source), it is not required (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to snap closed source software).

You might want to have a look at the dump plugin which merely dumps the content of a specified source such as linux-release zip.

Also have a look at this example:

Thanks @dimitri, My first attempt will be to use the prebuilt zip, later on I might try to do it from source. Good to know it’s not unusual and too much of bad practice then. :slight_smile:

By that example I manage to make some progress, with wget. I’ll take a closer look at the dump plugin too.

Having some dependency problems but that’s a subject for a new thread.

Yes it was. :slight_smile: Will marked this one as solved for people finding this.

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