.NET Core snapcraft cross compile for Raspberry pi 3

I am attempting to create a snap to run on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Here is my snapcraft.yaml:

name: rqdq-cross-hello
version: "1.00"
summary: NET Hello, the "hello world" snap
description: .NET Hello prints a friendly greeting.
grade: stable
confinement: strict
architectures: [armhf]

    command: publish/hello

    plugin: dump
    source: src/bin
      - libunwind8
      - libicu55

And here are the commands I use to build it (amd64 host):

dotnet publish -r linux-arm -o bin/publish src/hello.csproj

snapcraft cleanbuild --targetarch armhf

The snap builds fine, but when I run this on a rasberrypi3 (running Ubuntu CORE) I get:

/snap/rqdq-cross-hello/4/command-hello.wrapper: 6: exec: /snap/rqdq-cross-hello/4/publish/hello: Accessing a corrupted shared library

Full source here:

How do I get my code to execute?