"need to run as root or suid" on all snaps

I’m running Ubuntu 21.04, and recently updated my machine, then rebooted. Now I can’t launch any snaps at all. null is the simplest snap, and won’t launch, but the same happens for every snap I test.

alan@robot:~$ null
need to run as root or suid
alan@robot:~$ SNAPD_DEBUG=1 SNAP_DEBUG_CONFINE=1 null
2021/02/14 22:53:11.604668 tool_linux.go:93: DEBUG: snap (at "/snap/snapd/current") is older ("") than distribution package ("2.49+21.04")
2021/02/14 22:53:11.611982 cmd_run.go:407: DEBUG: SELinux not enabled
2021/02/14 22:53:11.612077 tracking.go:44: DEBUG: creating transient scope snap.null.null
2021/02/14 22:53:11.612736 tracking.go:173: DEBUG: using session bus
2021/02/14 22:53:11.613600 tracking.go:305: DEBUG: created transient scope as object: /org/freedesktop/systemd1/job/2436
2021/02/14 22:53:11.613668 tracking.go:135: DEBUG: systemd could not associate process 40654 with transient scope snap.null.null.6d4f911a-82c5-448e-bae4-13b9d08b1644.scope
2021/02/14 22:53:11.613677 cmd_run.go:1162: DEBUG: snapd cannot track the started application
2021/02/14 22:53:11.613683 cmd_run.go:1163: DEBUG: snap refreshes will not be postponed by this process
DEBUG: umask reset, old umask was   02
DEBUG: security tag: snap.null.null
DEBUG: executable:   /usr/lib/snapd/snap-exec
DEBUG: confinement:  non-classic
DEBUG: base snap:    core
DEBUG: ruid: 1000, euid: 2001, suid: 2001
DEBUG: rgid: 1000, egid: 1000, sgid: 1000
need to run as root or suid

I have proposed enabled, which I did because I believe I need 5.10 kernel because a bug in 5.8 makes my nvme go read only periodically.

Something may have come down from proposed on hirsute which messed my machine? I don’t know.

alan@robot:~$ snap version
snap    2.49+21.04
snapd   2.49+21.04
series  16
ubuntu  21.04
kernel  5.10.0-14-generic

Any ideas what I can do to debug/fix this? My machine is pretty useless right now.

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