Need to remove a revision with the wrong application version published

Hi, I’ve published a version of our application that points to our staging server, and despite I’ve later published a newer revision pointing to the live serves, i would like to remove the revision that points to staging because if any users installs it, he might lose its data whenever our company clears the staging environment, and also because staging is not an stable environment.

¿How can I remove a revision from the snap store?

I’ve read on other form pots that this seems not to be possible, but I refuse to believe that is true, there has to be a way to allow developers to fix a problem like ours. Am I right?

Snaps are only available to the public at the revisions published on any of the channels. So if none of your channels point at that revision, no one (except for you and collaborators) will be able to access it.

In other words, the only way for people to continue to use the “broken” revision is to avoid refreshes, and there’s nothing you can do about that - removing that revision from the store won’t make them move off it.

Just publish a fixed version on the channel that had the broken version (which you did) and make sure the broken one isn’t published on any other channels.

Thank you Saviq. That is what we have done, but if I understand correctly, users will always be able to download that specific broken revision via command line, right? Any way to prevent this?

only contributors (owners of the snap) can use the --revision option for snap install...


Thanks ogra! I did not know that.