Need to make a post with more than two links

Hi there!

I need to make a post with more than two links to make my case for a classic-confined snap. I’m well-known and trusted in the Ubuntu community, so could this be granted?


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Hello @Eickmeyer .

For all queries based on classic confinement, you have to select the store-requests category.

Unless I’m mistaken, you can put as many links as you want(at the limit of the number of bytes possible).

Hi @baldeuniversel !

I’m aware that I needed to post in the store-requests cateogry, but it yelled at me for having more than two links (since this is a new account in forums.s.i). So, sadly, no, that’s not the case.

I’ll try again and see what happens.

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Well @Eickmeyer , try again .

Just did, it yelled at me again. :frowning:


~ @Eickmeyer Can I see this error ?

~ @Eickmeyer Okay, Can I see the text ?

Here it is with the links removed:

Hi there!

I would like to officially request approval for classic confinement for the snap package called ‘ubuntustudio-system-installer’ on behalf of Ubuntu Studio. It’s uploaded to my personal account since I’m having trouble coming up with a team account for Ubuntu Studio, but since I’m already a recognized uploader and have a seeded snap (freeshow). An initial package has been pushed to the store to the stable channel for testing purposes on the .iso image, with future pushes to the edge channel.

ubuntustudio-system-installer is our version of the Canonical template ubuntu-flavor-installer

ubuntu-flavor-installer is as the README states “the starting point for ubuntu flavors” i.e. where flavours who are migrating from another installer such as Ubiquity to Canonical’s new snap installer ubuntu-desktop-installer. All flavours using this template has ubuntu-desktop-installer as its basis. The ubuntu-desktop-installer snap is classic confined and all installers based on this similarly need to be classic confined due to how it operates.

The reasoning for this request is that Ubuntu Studio wishes to migrate to the new installer for the 24.04 LTS release. We currently already have the GitHub repo replicating into Launchpad, and post-classic approval will wire in the bits between Launchpad and the store itself automatically. Granting this request will allow us to include ubuntustudio-system-installer in our seeds subject to working with the release team to make the necessary changes to livecd-rootfs.

Note: Much of the above is the copy-paste of the Ubuntu Budgie Installer Request highly edited for Ubuntu Studio’s needs. We are following Ubuntu Budgie’s lead on this as they have plowed the way with their successful implementation of this installer.

Thank you in advance for your time!

~ @Eickmeyer I do not see where is the problem .

I don’t see a real internet link. Perhaps you must remove some punctuations like ( “”, `` ) .

The problem occurs if I add more than two links into the text, and wouldn’t even let me add it here, giving me the same error I pasted above.

Okay @Eickmeyer , I see .

I suggest you edit your text, then in the same topic, you separately forward the links you want to add so that Snapcrafters can click on them.

I’m just going to wait for someone from @moderators to address this. :slight_smile: I’m a moderator at Ubuntu Discourse so this isn’t my first rodeo.

Okay ! Well , perhaps @popey could help you . :slight_smile:

Resolved now. Thanks!

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The links restriction is a default from Discourse, the general expectation is that those limits are removed if a user is signed in and reads a few posts for approximately ten minutes. Discourse refers to these as Trust Levels and most legitimate users will rise from Trust 0 to Trust 1 within a few hours, which is what looks like has happened to you already :).

Essentially it’s just an anti spam measure, which is usually removed pretty quickly so most people don’t realise but in cases like this it can pop up temporarily.

Thanks, James.

I realize this, but I needed it sooner rather than later in this case. Either way it’s moot now, so no need to further discuss (hence “resolved now”). :slight_smile:

i swear this guy is a chat gpt bot.