Need to add a FIDO USB device to snap's u2f_devices whitelist

Hi. I work for a company that developed a FIDO USB authenticator that is certified by the FIDO Alliance. While testing with Firefox on Ubuntu, I discovered that the browser was not able to see our device because of snap’s sandboxing and I need to add our device’s vid and pid to the whitelist defined in

Can someone advise me on the procedure for doing this? Do I need to become a contributor to the snapd project or is it something that someone can do for me? Also, do I need to provide proof of the legitimacy of our device?

Thanks very much.

(Sorry for the double post. I had a network connectivity issue at the time I made the first post and thought that I lost it.)

You should add your device to the list right here:

edit: have a look at which does a similar thing but for a different device.

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Thanks very much for your help!