Need Podman App


I am willing to develop a snap for podman but looks like the name has already been taken.
I saw some old forum post from 2022, that podman is owned by someone but then have not published any release yet.

Can I request the Snap Name, so that I can develop it.


Hi @shakeelansari63 .

The name podman is available as I write this message.

I still can’t register podman name. I am still getting podman is already taken error.

Okay @shakeelansari63 .

And yet, there seems to be no publication that relates to this name.

The name or project associated with the name may be private.

Choose another word , why not rackman ? :slightly_smiling_face:.

The name may be taken by a human who may have been well-intentioned at the time and intended to publish the snap, or perhaps they published and then made it private.

Another scenario is that the snap name was pre-registered by the store team to prevent people speculatively registering the name.

Either way, the store team are the only people who can resolve this, either by handing the name to you if this was registered by the store team, or figuring out some other way forward.

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