Need help regarding getting wine to work with Hyperion on my snap

Hello there, Snapcraft community!

I’ve been working on the Vinegar snap for quite some time now, but I can’t seem to get plugs figured out for my life. I’d appreciate if anyone were to be able to help me, so I’ll get into the specifics:

Vinegar is a bootstrapper for the Windows game “Roblox”, which uses Hyperion. I’m having quite a few issues getting the right plugs or making the right slots (for strict confinement), so I desperately need help. As of now, I resorted to using devmode to get Roblox + Hyperion working.

Still pretty new to Snapcraft, so I apologize for any mistakes found. The snapcraft.yaml can be found here

This is the error I’m talking about by the way: image

does NOT pop up when i use devmode