Need help regarding adding system files & personal files in.yaml

Hello there

We are totally new for Snapcraft.
We are creating a amd64.snap on electron platform and then creating the build with .yaml for system files & personal files plugs & slots as we need access to those files to make our snap run smoothly without error. But the issue is that we have created .yaml and build from electon and then install the app locally on system it wont run properly. And when after checking the interfaces it does not show the slots and when try to connect them manually it says that slot is not available. But .yaml files shows the systems files plug and slot both.
Plz help if someone knows how to add different system files & personal files to add as plug & slot in .yaml and after that run the app locally. I think then after only we will be able to ask store permission for auto connections for both the files.
Can anyone please suggest on it ?
below is the .yaml file.

/proc/cpuinfo is provided via the hardware-observe plug, just add it to your plugs list and drop the system-files entry … /etc/os-release is always readable but will only return the info for your runtime environment (the base: you selected in your snapcraft.yaml) … to access the os-release file of the host you would need to change your code to read /var/lib/snapd/hostfs/etc/os-release and add the system-observe plug to your plugs list…

Thanks for help.
Should we keep remain other 3 with system files like …/sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/product-serial ,product_name, bios_vendor files with system files plug.
Is there any possiblity to get os-release without code change.
Please help for … what would be the path to access the personal files plug to read ./local/share/bconf?
Thanks in advance for your help.

And one more help is that 'will it run automatically in local install or we have to manually connect them.