Need access to wike snap

Hi, recently I was shared with the wike snap. But, I also had a dispute regarding that, which I have been revoked now. But after that I am not able to see that snap under my account’s snap section. I need to access it from the link. Can you help about that?

Hi, I split this post into a new thread as it was unrelated to the snap transfers in the other thread.

Try to check it again now - you likely couldn’t because there was a revoked name request associated with your user. I’ve deleted the revoked name so now the only remaining “wike” name is the current, official one where you are a collaborator.

  • Daniel
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Yes I can, Thanks a lot. Also, kindly revoke freetube also.

EDIT: I would like to purge some snaps now, as they are now renamed to something else, or the project has stopped. How are they done?


Can you clarify what you mean by “purge”? Can you give me an example? I can then suggest the best way forward.

  • Daniel

So, as you can see in my last post that webkitgtk-6-gnome-2204 content snap is now active, so, webkitgtk and webkitgtk-sdk is of no use. And I also don’t think that any snap with such name may come in the future. So, what should I do now with those two? Similarly, I registered a snap name gnome-feeds, which is now renamed to gfeeds. So, that name is also no use for me.

You can close all channels; snapcraft close gnome-feeds stable and so on for edge, beta, candidate. That’ll make the snap unsearchable and uninstallable. You still maintain the name in case you want to use it in the future.

Otherwise, what we can do is “revoke” any names you don’t want. Just tell me which ones and I can do this for you. keep in mind revocation is permanent, irreversible, no undo, no undelete - they are GONE entirely.

  • Daniel

Atleast those names will be accessible to others? Or, completely gone?

Revoked names are inaccessible by the original publisher (you) but once they are revoked, they can be re-registered by others.

  • Daniel

I am not sure though. So, for now I will close all the channels.

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