Need a generic Ubuntu Core hard disk image for VM use on ARM processor machines


I’d like to be able to use my m1 MacBook and Surface Pro X to virtualise Ubuntu Core for testing ARM builds on a system that is easier for me to handle than a bare Raspberry Pi. The extra power in their CPUs also helps speed up testing compared to the Pi (IMO).

To that end it would be very handy for there to be ready-to-go generic Virtual Machine images for ARM64 VMs running via UEFI (specifically for me, Parallels on the m1 mac or Hyper-V on Surface Pro X - that is, when I get around to assigning a Pro SKU license of Windows to it to enable Hyper-V on the SPX). Unfortunately the only ARM image on is exclusively for the Raspberry Pi and will not boot on a generic UEFI ARM64 VM.

There is an effort underway to enable ARM64 “generic” gadget + kernel snaps that could be used precisely for this sort of use case, but it is not ready yet.

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