i have quite a bunch of open browser tabs that still use the former URL. yesterday i noticed the pi2-kernel snap being newer in beta (rev30) than in edge (rev28), so i released the beta version to edge to bring them in sync. i did that in one of the already open tabs for that snap … (pointing to myapps)

after releasing i checked on my board:

ogra@pi3:~$ snap info pi2-kernel | grep edge
  latest/edge:      4.4.0-1048-55 (28) 100MB -

so despite the myapps UI showing me rev30 in edge the board still sees rev28 … even reloading the UI shows 30 released in edge.

then i noticed i’m using the old URL, went to dashboard.* and found 28 in edge there … releasing 30 into edge there finally got the expected result.

it seems like the myapps.* UI does not work properly anymore and i guess we also publically promote dashboard.* now. if myapps.* is actually obsolete, could we perhaps add a forced redirect to dashboard.*, to make sure people leaving tabs open dont get an UI that does not reflect reality ?

some digging on IRC showed that the “Overview” link in an already open myapps.* page actually redirects you to the dashboard equivalent … but using one of the revision links does not and you can still interact with the following page, giving the impression the channel change worked … going back in teh browser also shows the change to be in effect.

i guess what is missing is simply to force-redirect the version/revision liks to dashboard the same way the “Overview” link does.

We will assure that these redirects are all in place, or at least do something with myapps.* to fail when interacting with snaps (which should be handled in dashboard.*), so this situation of “thinking that a change to a snap in myapps worked ok” won’t happen again.