My Waterfox Snap won't play videos from certain sites

One example is from this site called AnimeKisa, as seen below:

Am I missing a package? Not sure exactly what’s happening.

Here’s the link to the GitHub page, and you can install it by running snap install --edge waterfox-snap.

I can’t find any video libraries in your snap. You are likely missing libav/ffmpeg and friends, or gstreamer libraries. You should check the firefox snap’s definition at for an example. Note that it stages ffmpeg.

Does it fail when not snapped?

Looks like that CDN server is using JWPlayer. The error code is documented on their site as “Either an empty playlist was requested or none of the items passed our filter for valid files.”

(as an aside, you might want to consider using waterfox for your snap name rather than waterfox-snap as it’s a bit of a weird tautology to have -snap in the name. Generally you don’t find the packaging system named in the package name. e.g. you wouldn’t install waterfox-deb.deb)

I would’ve done that, but someone else is using it.

gotcha. I’ll fix that when I get the chance.

You guys should maybe work together on a single functional snap. Ping @kz6fittycent