My snaps are not updating

We have this set:

sudo snap set system refresh.timer=00:00~24:00/1440

But snaps on system are old.

When I try:

snap refresh

It gives me that all snap are up-to-date.

When I try:

snap refresh our_own_snap_hosted_at_snapcraft

Then it offers an update.

What is going on?

root@pc-G6JY21900E16:/usr/local/mesh_services/meshagent# snap info snapname
name:      snapname
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: 45 days ago, at 04:51 CEST
installed:    1.12.8 (74) 97MB soukromé

root@pc-G6JY21900E16:/usr/local/mesh_services/meshagent# snap refresh
Všechny snapy jsou aktuální

root@pc-G6JY21900E16:/usr/local/mesh_services/meshagent# snap refresh --list
Name                         Version  Rev  Size  Publisher  Notes
snapname  1.13.0   75   78MB  authorname  soukromé

Even when app is turned off, it doesn’t update, I need to manually call snap refresh when app is not running.

One minute refresh /1440 seems to be broken, next date tame stays in the past.

root@pc-G6JY21300KLW:/usr/local/mesh_services/meshagent# date
Ne 16. října 2022, 13:00:26 CEST
root@pc-G6JY21300KLW:/usr/local/mesh_services/meshagent# snap refresh --time
timer: 00:00~24:00/1440
last: dnes v 12:51 CEST
next: dnes v 12:59 CEST

Seems like anything above /23 shows next as this current minute or in the past.

But even if there is a future date, like 13:06 when the time is 13:05, it doesn’t refresh my snap.

Might be related? I saw n/a when I came to it.

root@pc-G6JY220009ZS:/usr/local/mesh_services/meshagent# date
Po 17. října 2022, 13:02:21 CEST
root@pc-G6JY220009ZS:/usr/local/mesh_services/meshagent# snap refresh --time
timer: 00:00~24:00/1440
last: dnes v 12:46 CEST
next: dnes v 12:51 CEST

Why is the next lower than current time?