My-snap-name: command not found

Hello, been following these post’s of getting an electron snap installed on UC22 rpi 4,

installation seems ok:

~$ snap install --dangerous --devmode my-snap-name_0.1_armhf.snap
my-snap-name 0.1 installed

listing seems ok:

~$ snap list my-snap-name
Name          Version  Rev  Tracking  Publisher  Notes
my-snap-name  0.1      x3   -         -          devmode

except this comes up empty:

~$ which my-snap-name

and these return errors:

~$ snap run my-snap-name
error: cannot find app "my-snap-name" in "my-snap-name"
~$ my-snap-name
-bash: my-snap-name: command not found

my snapcraft.yaml is like this:

name: my-snap-name # you probably want to 'snapcraft register <name>'
base: core22 # the base snap is the execution environment for this snap
version: '0.1' # just for humans, typically '1.2+git' or '1.3.2'
summary: Single-line elevator pitch for your amazing snap # 79 char long summary
description: |
  This is my-snap's description. You have a paragraph or two to tell the
  most important story about your snap. Keep it under 100 words though,
  we live in tweetspace and your description wants to look good in the snap

grade: devel # must be 'stable' to release into candidate/stable channels
confinement: devmode # use 'strict' once you have the right plugs and slots

  - build-on: [armhf]
    build-for: [armhf]

    daemon: simple
    extensions: [gnome]
    restart-condition: always
    command: my-snap-name
    # See 'snapcraft plugins'
    plugin: nil

What else could I be missing so as to get this Hello World snap working on rpi4?


Looking at your snapcraft.yaml, the snap is most likely entirely empty. The part with the nil plugin does not do anything. Look at the contents of /snap/my-snap-name/current/ - that’s all that your snap is shipping. The combination of daemon and extensions: [gnome] is unexpected. What were you trying to achieve? I suspect snap validation removed the application declaration and thus installed an “empty” snap.

What does snap info --verbose my-snap-name says? Does it show you the application/service?

very much empty !

Found this example which is working as an electron kiosk: