My snap is not listed in Ubuntu Software

Hi! I published a snap on snapcraft ( in games and education categories. But still it’s not listed in Ubuntu Software in these categories. You can find the snap on Ubuntu Software but only if your search for it.
Does someone know how to get in the categories lists?

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That looks awesome! Thanks for publishing the snap.

You are actually in the list. I’m not sure of the algorithm which decides where you are in that list. Perhaps @kristianglass can help there.


That said, I’m going to line up a social media post from the snapcraft and ubuntu accounts about this game, because it’s super. I’ll also add it to the featured list so it will appear on the front page of the snapcraft web store, and in the editors picks in the graphical GNOME Software. That won’t kick in till next week, but the social posts will go out starting tomorrow.

Thanks! Much appreciated!
I know that my snap is in store listing, my question was specific to Ubuntu Software listing. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about that. Would you know where I should ask?

Let’s ping @kenvandine and see what they say. I didn’t realise it didn’t show up in the games category there, you’re right.

Indeed it’s not showing up. I can’t see any obvious reason though. Could you please file a bug?

I filed a bug here: