My Game is missing in store, is it normal?

Hi, I published my opensource game on snapcraft few days ago, and i don’t know why i can find it in Games category in my software application, only when i search with its entire name

I need to do a thing ? or only wait ?

My game:

thanks in advance,



Hello, I’m not really sure, but I installed your snap package. It looks like that you didn’t provide a proper desktop file for your game because the game didn’t appear in my app launcher menu. I had to run it from terminal. I assume this messed some stuff up in snapcraft servers. BTW I didn’t find snapcraft.yml in your source code. you can put snapcraft.yml and your snap-related stuff to your repo. so people can help you.

Anyways, I like how OP that lightning effect is. :grin:

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Hi Here you can find my snapcraft build files:

Thanks for feedback

FOr information, i’m currently working on my new Godot 4 game: save the sheep: (in development visible here:)

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i added .dekstop file and push it, but the snapcraft server should be down, i receive bad gateway ( 504 Gateway Time-out) , so i can’t update this last 0.3 to release version maybe tomorrow

Looks like my assumptions were correct. Your snap is right in the store on page 6:

COOL :snowflake:

snapcraft server should be down, i receive bad gateway ( 504 Gateway Time-out)

Yup, I’ve had issues with snap servers in the past they go down sometimes :smiling_face_with_tear:

Regards. usually helps with this :wink:

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Hi, yes i can see on we page, but not in App application :frowning:

I don’t know why

Well I’m not really sure about this one. Maybe GNOME software center only shows popular games or you just need to wait a little bit.

BTW, It appears if you search for it:

Ok, yes if we search it , we find it, but it does not help to promote it I will wait, cross finger

i continue to work on my next game. Is there a topic here where we can have feedback during our development ?