My First Snaps: Minecraft server!

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to announce that I’m making snaps I have been using for a couple months now public. These snaps allow a containerized minecraft server to be run and managed as a system daemon. The service snap is called mc-service, and it has a user application I packaged separately called mc-manager. The idea behind having two apps is that other people can create their own services/managers using the same dbus interface (not that I expect anyone to, but you can always hope). Currently these features are available:

  • Configurable through dbus, no need to touch
  • Mostly Functional TUI for manager. It still lacks feedback and I have an issue where long settings will crash curses. Otherwise it’s pretty nifty!
  • Ability to run mods! This is the major feature that was lacking from other server snaps that made me develop this one. You can set your own launcher jar, launch options, and add mods to mods folders
  • ramdisk(?). So this feature is super jank, but you specify a folder to switch the world to and rsync everything over to before starting, and (hopefully) rsync everything back after stopping. Setup of the ramdisk is not automated so you’ll have to make your own fstab/systemd entries for it. Use at your own risk.
  • Send commands remotely! Server can be stopped/started from manager, and you can even send your own commands. If you want feedback for your commands I suggest setting up rcon.

If anyone would like to try it out I would greatly appreciate feedback. I am however, very busy with university so I may take a while.
Check out the source code:

I wrote a wiki on the older repository back when these were all together. I’ll port it over and update it eventually but for now it’s not a priority in my life.

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