MuseScore not starting after installation with snap (Rasberry OS)

Good morning,

Need some help.
I followed the instructions below with a Rasberry Pi OS up-to-date (December 2020).

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd

sudo reboot
sudo snap install musescore

Installation was fine but after that, no museScore icon could be found.
I went to execute and run the following command : musescore.restore. It opened a Musecore window with language selection, type of keyboard, … after all selections were made, I clicked on ‘Ok’, then the MuseScore window disappeared … and that’s all I could get. Any idea why I met this issue ? For your info, I use Rasberry Pi 4 4GB and my Rasberry Pi OS is up-to-date (new Rasberry OS was released on 4th of December).