Multiple personalities with snapcraft

Is there a plan to support multiple store ‘personalities’ with snapcraft?

Suppose a developer has personal snaps which they upload to the store under their own account to the store, but during the working day they upload snaps to the store under their address. The new snapcraft whoami is a good sanity check to see which account you’re currently logged into, but it gets pretty old, pretty fast to keep going through a snapcraft login (possibly including 2fa) dance each time you switch.

Perhaps snapcraft could keep multiple tokens for each account? Could it be made possible to allow the developer to snapcraft login multiple times, and snapcraft switch from one account to another?

I can’t imagine there’s a huge audience of people who would appreciate the feature, but those who would, would value it highly :slight_smile:

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I am onboard, but some considerations:

  • We would need to extend logout to make it either interactive or logout of everything.
  • A login command would login and switch.
  • We need UI for this.
  • Do you want a login tied to a brand store as well?

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… perhaps we could just pay a therapist for @popey (SCNR :wink: )