Multiple .deb files in one snapcraft part - dump plugin

is there a way to install multiple .deb files in one snapcraft part by the dump plugin? Right now I can only specify one .deb file in the “source” section.

Yes, add each deb as the source in separate part entries.

Thank you. This would work, but it will make my snapcraft.yaml very bloated - I have a library with a lot of .deb files. Maybe I will create a script to generate the code, I thought there may be a cleaner way.

you can indeed always just use wget or curl and dpkg -x from an override-pull: | snippet …

If your deb packages are available in an apt repository, perhaps Snapcraft’s experimental package-repositories feature might help?

Add the details of the apt repository in your snapcraft.yaml, and then use stage-packages to include the relevant files. This would also make sure you’re grabbing the latest version of the debs, and rely on dependencies to reduce the number of packages you need to explicitly name.