Multiple core* on the system

Hello, as I have multiple core* installed (core, core18, core 20, core22). I know it’s normal because I’ve installed apps that are based on different cores, but for disk space reasons I don’t like to have “duplicated” packages.

Is there any way to have a warning when I install an app that requires a core that it’s not already installed? I may have core18 installed just for a single tiny app that I don’t even use so often…

I think it would be useful to have an option to warning the user if an app requires a “new” core. In this way we can evaluate if the core download is fine or not. Even an “opt-in” option if you don’t want to “break” the easy user experience with Snaps

you can check before installing with:

snap info --verbose <snapname> | grep base:

that will tell you if it uses a base you do not have installed yet …

Thanks! It’ very useful