Multipass failed to download Network timeout

first of all, don’t tell me my network is slow or faulty or unstable, I know and that’s what I have. I am in a rural area of a so called “developing country”.

I’m new with snaps, I distribute a GPL botany software, and the stable version is still based on python2+gtk2, it’s a desktop app I wish to distribute as a snap, and I am still stuck at the starting blocks, because of continuous network timeouts which reset all my downloads to zero.

thanks to this topic I managed to update core and to install core18, snapcraft, and multipass. now I don’t manage to complete the download of the 278Mbytes for the bionic (18-04) image. I have tried the same tricks as for resuming snap install mentioned in the topic, but it doesn’t help.

my laptop is now wget-ting the image that multipass launch was trying to download (once it even almost reached 50%, but in general it stops around 15%), and I am not sure I will manage to have multipass launch use my local copy, instead of looking for it remotely. I was thinking of putting it at a URL on localhost, but I also thought maybe better collect a few other ideas from more experienced snappers.

is there a resume option for multipass launch, which I missed?

so, I execute snapcraft --debug as per tutorial, and I’m not sure which command this is, because snapcraft help does list all possible commands, but not the lack of commands.

the above would start an instance, namely snapcraft-ghini, trying to download the image again. so, I spent 8h to download the image, and I’m short of options, so I stop the download process and manually create the instance, with multipass launch --disk 12G -m 2G --name snapcraft-ghini file:///home/mario/Downloads/bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk.img.

obviously my guesses aren’t correct, because when I again attempt snapcraft --debug, the first thing it says is “Build environment is in unknown state, cleaning first.” and next it goes again downloading the bionic image.

same issue. seems proxy setting issue. But I ever use http-proxy and https-proxy, doesn’t work

also I found multipass systemd run background will use /etc/environment, proxy is set. however still not work.

really don’t know
when run the command “snapscraft” which by default use multipass
how snapscraft send proxy to multipass to download image or where the proxy is gotten.
any snapcraft or multipass developers could provide more information.

I just activated a new “high-speed” (high cost) data packet, let’s see if it works. but I wish there was not such a requirement, it is in all effects a discrimination against low connectivity areas.

nope. packet ended, and no solution reached.