Mu alias for maildir-utils snap

I recently published the maildir-utils snap for the mu software package (the name maildir-utils was used for the snap instead of mu since this is the same as the corresponding debian package name and mu was deemed generally to short for a snap name).

This provides a single binary called mu - so it is much more convenient, and expected, that after installation this is available as mu rather than

+1. mu is the well-known command name for maildir-utils and the only recommendation from command-not-found on my system.

This has still not reached the required number of votes either way - can other @reviewers please take a look since I am not going to vote for my own request :grin:

+1 on the request based on findings from @jdstrand

+1. The snap’s behavior should align with user expectations.

+1, the name is well-known so it’s reasonable to assign the auto-alias to the snap for the command (while the snap name as mail-utils is clearer than naming the snap itself “mu” :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

4 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the alias. This is now live.