MS Teams snap errors

I asked this question on Ubuntu forum and they suggested I seek help here. Using Ubuntu 22.04 I’m struggling to refresh MS Teams snap, like this:-

 $ sudo snap install teams
snap "teams" is already installed, see 'snap help refresh'
$ sudo snap refresh teams
error: snap "teams" not found

I’d like to know how to resolve this but ultimately I need to try a beta version since there appears to be a bug in teams that causes the pop-up for creating a new meeting to be mis-formatted, but I get a similar error:

$ sudo snap refresh teams --channel=beta
error: snap "teams" not found

Any ideas?

MS Teams’ desktop app for Linux is deprecated and they no longer provide it in any form, snap or otherwise. Official advice is to use the web app instead, including by possibly setting it as a Progressive Web App to look more native.

There also seems to be a community snap by ismael For the PWA wrapped into a standalone application, you can find it here.

Noticed there is a caching issue that makes it less obvious that teams is not available. Private snap store listing won't disappear?