MQTT Explorer data to Spreadsheet

I going to purchase a device, an RFID reader in this case, that has an existing Mqtt Output.

I would like to be able to transfer the information(from 20+ readers) on the Mqtt in to a spreadsheet (LibreCalc, or Excel), each reader having its own column or sheet.

All that is required in spreadsheet is RFID tag ID and a datestamp. Data manipulation will be done there.

Can MQTT Explorer be used to do logging, as oulined above.

Thanks Charles

This forum is primarily about snaps and snapd, which is the package manager, the package format and the ecosystem around it. I understand that you installed mqtt-explorer from a snap that this led you here. However, I would suggest reaching out to the folks who are the authors of mqtt-explorere and asking the question here perhaps there is also a mailing list or some discord channel you can use.