MPRIS request for freetube-snap

Hey there @review-team i have recently snapped Freetube, it will need mpris slot and connection to function properly, had waited for a week before seeking manually, so please review and provide it accordingly, thanks.

Here is the YAML;

I really dislike the use of a -snap suffix on snap names - can this not be named freetube? I see there is already an existing snap called this that looks to be very similar - if they are the same application then perhaps you could work with the original publisher to get theirs updated to this new version?

In the meantime, I notice this is using the mpris name chromium - whilst this is unfortunate (as the snap is not chromium) I assume this is due to the use of electron as the framework for this snap - and hence this likely cannot be changed by this snap - is that correct?

I have gone ahead and granted this for now but please could you respond to my above questions? Thanks.

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Thank for checking out, i have already filed a dispute for the name a week ago maybe but no response from his/her side ? at that time there was no other publisher on any snap named freetube and there is no such snap currently other than mine in my knowledge, as for the mpris sorry to say i tried to give the app my custom ids but the apparmor policy wont allow it, it only works for chromium

@dclane Hey there, The app is electron based hence need chromium interface for mpris also this thread has more details needed by you.

New Snap YAML At ;

Also i found this in the flatpak yaml file. By which it seems freetube may also accept freetube id hopefully.

- --own-name=org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.chromium.*
- --own-name=org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.freetube

I will confirm this with the upstream for better clarity. Upstream thread ;

@dclane or the @review-team From the discussion with the upstream and using playerctl its evident that freetube currently has no custom mpris id of its own and still relies upon chromium as its mpris id, although this may change in the future hopefully.

A such please temporarily grant the mpris id of chromium for freetube, i hope this will be changed in the future ,currently its the only path forward. Thanks.

Hi @SamAlex, thanks for the info.

Yes, I understand know that Electron apps are by using the chromium mpris name, and we have precedence for granting this so I will vote +1 in favour of this.

For future reference:

Edit: I have approved the release and it is now passing automated review.

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