Move to new GitHub user name


Not sure if this is more related to the store category rather than snapcraft, but I‘d like to request moving the build targets from my old GitHub user name „beidl“ to „fredldotme“.

I‘m afraid to check and enable them from my new GitHub user name to avoid creating double build instances of the same repo.


You can delete them from which won’t remove them from the store, or delete them from github. Then re-add them after authenticating to your new account.


Just to be sure: this would require me to rename my GitHub account back to „beidl“, remove the repos, then rename to „fredldotme“ again and readd the repos?


It’s possible that a delete repo operation fails, a workaround is to register another snap name to the old repo to make it effectively not able to push to the store due to name mismatch with the snapcraft recipe.

You can also drop the webhook associated with a repo via it’s GitHub settings page