Mouse Cursor theme on Linux mint 20

Hello, Today i installed Linux Mint 20 to take a test drive and learn how snaps are playing with the recent development and decision by Linux Mint team.

So, it seems like its not a big deal to enable snap support on Linux mint out of the box. Just have to remove a preferences file with the below command and install snap like we used to do before.

sudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref

After installing few snaps for test i noticed weird mouse cursor theme issues that does not happen on any version of Ubuntu, Am attaching screenshots with description below.

Note: System cursor theme and all theme configuration is default that comes with Linux Mint 20.

In this screenshot cursor theme is not uniform, The Normal cursor is using dark theme(in first ss) while the Hand cursor is using white DMZ theme(in second ss). This while hand theme issue is also present in Ubuntu installs (tested in 20.04) Where if you set DMZ dark cursor theme, the hand cursor Icon always appear white.

No theme was changed while taking both screenshots.