Mouse cursor gets confined at top left corner of the screen in mir-kiosk 2.3.2

As mentioned by @alan_g at Call for testing: mir-kiosk that mir-kiosk 2.3.2 has rectifications which corrects pointer sticking to the side of the screen. However, It used to work fine for my electron kiosk snap but after updating to mir-kiosk 2.3.2, the pointer seems to get stuck on top left corner everytime and also the click gets executed at top left corner.

Is there a solution for this? or if you can guide me on how can I use the previous mir-kiosk version i-e 2.2.0 on a fresh machine, or how can I build mir-kiosk 2.2.0 snap from the source code on your github. This would be highly helpful to me as mir-kiosk is one of our major part of deploying our software. @alan_g @ogra @Saviq

The change you refer to does indeed allow a client snap (such as yours) to request the cursor be locked in position. If the cursor shouldn’t be locked then, ideally, your snap not ask for it to be locked.

However, it is possible to disable the pointer confinement protocols in mir-kiosk to prevent the request being made using drop-wayland-extensions=zwp_pointer_constraints_v1:zwp_relative_pointer_manager_v1 in the configuration file described in Configuring mir-kiosk: a masterclass.

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Thankyou for your help @alan_g. I have one doubt that there are 2 configuration files which are miral-kiosk.config and miral-kiosk.display. So where should I add the line that you provided before to stop the confinement request?


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