Most apps under snapcrafters are only updated on edge channel

Someone with less experience with Ubuntu or Snaps, in general, will only open the store and install the stable channel for any app, but the Snaps in stable channels have not been updated for a while (some for more than a year. Some users might abandon Snaps because they might find the snaps are not updated while the official app is already on very different version (i.e. Simplenote stable 2.10 and edge or official version on version 2.21)

Most are updated automatically because the store is connected to the snapcrafters git repo for each application. When the application updates, the new version automatically hits the edge channel.

Testing and moving those packages to the other channels requires human intervention. I have certainly poked people in the community when a package gets updated, but we shouldn’t have to do that.

In an ideal world, all the snapcrafters packages would be owned by the upstream developer. But that hasn’t happened, so we are left with community maintainers doing manual work.


Maybe have a way to make the apps change to stable if it has been available for a few days in edge channel, and if have a certain number of installs without users reverting to the previously installed version.

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