Monitoring syslog remotely on Ubuntu Core with TLS

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has experience configuring syslog on Ubuntu Core to point to a remote log monitoring server while using TLS?

Any help / direction would be appreciated!

how about:

Thanks Orga - good to see someone else has implemented something similar…do you have any more info on the source / repository for that snap?

For security reasons on this application, we can’t deploy any 3rd party snaps…do you think it’s necessary to handle it in this way? i.e. install a snap with log-observe permissions that forwards logs to a central log server? In other words, is this definitely not supported through configuration of syslog on Ubuntu Core?

the sources are at:


you can indeed grab that and integrate it into your app snap as needed … note that i never really got around to implement the https/TLS bit, so this is an exercise you still need to do …

very helpful, thanks Ogra!