Missing interfaces to sysfs

Looking at interfaces definition and snapd code, there’s no interface for these sysfs interfaces:

axp20x sysfs interface: /sys/power/axp_pmu/ac/connected

Non-standard interface and requires a patch.

Thermal interface: /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

Standard interface.

It makes sense to request a new interface for thermal as it is standard, but not for the first one…

Do you have plans to allow this thru gadget as it is hardware related ?


It turns out that hardware-observe provides read access to the thermal path needed:

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Do you just need read-only access? /sys/power is standard, even if /sys/power/axp_pmu is not, so this could be something to consider adding to hardware-observe.

read-only access is fine for our use-case.

snap already has hardware-observe, probably got confused by failures related to other path.
Will check again and update the thread.

Thanks, I’ll add this to the next batch of updates.