Missing binaries to create panoramas in Digikam

I tried to create a panorama photo with Digikam.
But it asks for various binaries which I found out to be part of Hugin.
I installed the Hugin package through apt but Digikam still isn’t able to detect the binaries.
Therefore I reckon the snap needs to have the required binaries packaged in itself?

Yep. Contact the snap’s publisher for support.

How do I find the contact information?
On the Snaps website it only shows his name.
Is there an official way or do I just have to google him?

looks like the publisher was lazy and has not added a contact link … luckily you find at least the publisher name at the top of the page at

and luckily that person is @sergiusens whom you can ping directly here in the forum :wink:


I will add that once the snap is on the stable channel :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it make more sense to add it now so that we can test it before it goes stable?

i think he was talking about adding a bugtracker link to the snapcraft.io page :wink:

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Ah okay that make sense :slight_smile: