Mir-kisk Numlock

I’m creating an electron kiosk app following this tutorial: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/electron-kiosk.

All works great, but I’m having a problem with the lock of the numeric pad. By default the numeric pad is disabled but I need to change this. Is there any way to change the default status?

If I press the num lock key, the numeric keyboard enables, but the LED not change. So is difficult for the user to know if it is enabled or not. Is there a way to force to keep the numeric keyboard always enabled?


Hi Sergio,

Can you please file this as an issue on the Mir repository?

Is your NumLock on on boot and gets disabled when Mir starts? Any case, the LED status should change.


Hi Saviq,

Thank you for your answer. After Mir starts the Numlock is disabled but the LED remains in the previous state. If on boot the Numlock was on, the LED remains on but Numlock disables.

I will fill an issue in that repository.