Hello to everyone at Snapcraft.
I am new to snapcraft and would like to ask for guidance.
I am setting up MIR-KIOSK from this resource: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/secure-ubuntu-kiosk#0
It works as expected but I would like to bring in VNC or VINO to manage the kiosk remotely.
There a Kiosk needs a tiny version of X11 to run on top of Wayland and I was thiking if that tiny X11 would run X11VNC and in turn would allow remotely access the KIOSK.
As i am completely new to this field, my approach might not be doable at all.
It that is the case would appreciate if someone explains me what is wrong with that.

Thank you.

Hi @Shuhrat,

there are limitations to the approach you suggest.

Firstly, I’m not sure if x11vnc will run happily on Xwayland.

Secondly, if it does, it will only have access to the X11 environment it connects to. That’s basically only things in the same snap as x11vnc and its Xwayland server.

If that sounds like what you want then this may be a more helpful tutorial:

Good luck!

Hello Dear Alan. Nice to meet you and thank you for such a quick feedback to my request, greatly appreciate it!
If you don’t mind a little more question. X11VNC and VINO are display servers. Do you think if they can be snapped so i could deploy inside of MIR? Would you show me some steps to accomplish this task?


x11vnc and Vino are VNC servers. They allow a VNC viewer to remotely view and interact with an X server.

The tutorial I already linked to describes how to snap an application that needs an X server to work with mir-kiosk & Ubuntu Core. The X server in this case is called Xwayland.

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Hello Dear Alan,

I’ve made some advancement with your valuable help, thank you!
I was able to wrap x11vnc as a snap and install it in dev mode.
I’ve also added to it an X11 plug and connected it to X11 slot of Chrome-mir-kiosk snap.
I was thinking this would in turn allow x11vnc connect to Chrome-mir-kiosk but it didn’t work.
Would you spare some time for me and explain what’s wrong did I?

Thank you.

@Shuhrat the X11 slot of chromium-mir-kiosk isn’t intended for use. I think it is only used to get the AppArmor profile needed to run Xwayland (I agree this is messy and confusing).

The correct approach is to package x11vnc with Xwayland and chromium: