Mir-kiosk touchscreen calibration


The process for calibrating touchscreens when using X is fairly well known. Can someone point me in the right direction f how this should be approach with wayland and mir ? I know I can feed display config to mir-kiosk, but is that they only way ? Is there a reference approach ?



Sorry @jocado, touchscreen calibration is not yet supported in Mir. That is a prerequisite to making it available in mir-kiosk.

It probably doesn’t help with your problem, but the reference for configuring mir-kiosk is:

ok - thanks for the info @alan_g

I guess that means we are doing it in X. We are still using Xwayland, so I guess it should be possible to do it at that layer for now.

It would be a great feature for Mir though I think, especially for the interactive Kiosk use cases on UC. When I think about the history of Mir and phones, I’m kind of surprised, but I guess they aren’t normally user calibrated :slight_smile:

Cheers, Just

I agree it would be a nice feature to have. And if you or anyone else reading this discussion feels like adding it then the mir-team can provide guidance. But there is other work that has a higher priority within the team.

i bet you can do it on application level shipping xinput, doing a bit of math and using xinput set-prop ... to set the proper values …

Yes, that seems to be the way right now.