Mir-kiosk - call for testing

Mir-kiosk and core20

I am hoping to update the mir-kiosk snap to work with a core20 base. That brings us a newer set of graphics libraries than with the core18 base we have been using. In theory, newer should be better, but I know that mir-kiosk is used on a much wider range of hardware than I have access to for testing.

So I’d like the help of the community to help with final testing of this change. I’ve pushed the updated version of mir-kiosk to the beta channel. If you are using mir-kiosk, could you try the effect of switching to the beta channel and let me know if there are any problems.

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The change to base: core20 has now been rolled up with the Mir 2.2 release which is currently on the candidate channel.

To test, just switch to the candidate channel:

 snap refresh --candidate mir-kiosk

And use as normal. Please let us know any results here.

while working on https://snapcraft.io/picviewer-kiosk (a wayland image viewer (imv)) i found that the stable mir-kiosk did not work on either pi3 or pi4 (the picviewer daemon did not properly start) … the candidate version fixes it and everything works just fine … :+1:

PS: this was tested/running on an UbuntuCore18 image

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