Minimum HW requirements for running Ubuntu Core

I am looking for info on the minimum / mandated requirement of HW for running Ubuntu Core image:

  1. CPU min freq
  2. RAM
  3. Storage

if any other.

Ubuntu Core Docs - “Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu”

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Will the requirement in the chart be same for UC 16/18 and 20?

Good point, I’d assume that it is the same for all UCs.

my guess would be that disk footprint has gone down with each core release but memory footprint might have gone up. plus i think in core20 the kernels snaps are bigger (more modules and features) but growing is the nature of the kernel anyway (at least for generic kernels like ubuntu uses them) :slight_smile:

Thanks @kromerf @ogra
I have a ARM based device with 256MB Flash, 1GB RAM. So wanted to check the feasibility of UC on it.

256MB flash will be tight … but if you put your rootfs onto USB/SD/MMC it should work … (i mean … 256MB with a device customized kernel snap (as cut down as possible) might probably be bootable, but you wont be able to install any app snaps on this)

here is an example of a multi-volume image gadget.yaml (builds two img files, one for system-boot, the other for writable to put it on external media):

Thanks for the pointer. @ogra This is an existing HW platform so no changes possible. But will make a note of this approach for future use if needed.