Minecraft server not working for others

I downloaded the mc-server-installer snap. Works great. Server runs well. I can join it from the same computer via multiplayer>add server, but when a friend tries to access it from another device he receives a “connection timed out” error.

I haven’t yet verified if other devices on my network can connect. I’ve tried disabling my firewall temporarily. That did not work. There’s a few more things I have in mind to test, but I wanted to ask the community if there’s a simple solution I’m not seeing.

He used the same IP address I used to access the server (the longer one…private/public…I can’t remember which is which).

Hi Dmarz99,

Think this is unlikely a snapd issue, and perhaps more likely a server or network configuration issue.

Perhaps one thing to check is that after installing the installer snap that all interface connections are in place: snap connections mc-server-installer

Is your friend on the same internal network (behind the same router)? Can the two computers ping successfully in both directions?