Message "Update Available", but not in Snap store

Sublime shows “Update Available” message for a few days.

But there is no new version in Snap store.


So I can’t update and have to close this message every time.

How to update to latest version in Snap (I guess I can’t and I have to wait) or how to disable this message (only to versions available in Snap store)? Do you think about synchronize Snap version and update notification, to not show unnecessary message?

have you closed the app before trying to apply the update ?

How to apply the update?

If I click “Download” button it just open browser with the page “”.

I can’t update in Snap store because I have latest version from Snap (I have 4142, Snap have 4142, but Sublime says that newer version is 4143 but it is not available in Snap store, so I can’t update).

If you want the latest version (4143 currently) you’ll need to install the “edge” snap instead of the “stable” snap.