Meson part refusing to build because plugin uses argument `snapbuild`

I’m trying to package a snap which requires a part to be built with meson. The plugin specifically uses snapbuild as the argument to meson in addition to the flags that I supply. Meson does not know what snapbuild means and therefore kills the build.

  • Should the plugin be sending build instead?
  • If not, why not?
  • And how do I get it to build with snapbuild as the argument?

meson --buildtype plain --prefix /usr -Ddo-post-install=false -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-opengl snapbuild
usage: meson [-h] [--prefix PREFIX] [--libdir LIBDIR] [--bindir BINDIR]
         [--includedir INCLUDEDIR] [--datadir DATADIR] [--mandir MANDIR]
         [--localedir LOCALEDIR] [--backend {ninja,vs2010,xcode}]
         [--buildtype {plain,debug,debugoptimized,release}] [--strip]
         [--enable-gcov] [--disable-pch] [--unity] [--werror]
         [--layout {mirror,flat}] [--default-library {shared,static}]
         [--warnlevel {1,2,3}] [--cross-file CROSS_FILE]
         [-D PROJECTOPTIONS] [-v]
         [directories [directories ...]]
meson: error: unrecognized arguments: snapbuild
Command '['/bin/sh', '/tmp/tmp3c41t42p', 'meson', '--buildtype plain', '--prefix /usr', '-Ddo-post-install=false', '-Dbuild-executable=false', '-Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-opengl', 'snapbuild']' returned non-zero exit status 2.

Hi Daniel,

“snapbuild” is just a name for intermediate directory, shouldn’t affect the build process. I just did a quick test on your parameters, looks like it should be ‘–buildtype=plain’, ‘–prefix=/usr’ instead of ‘–buildtype plain’, ‘–prefix /usr’ :slight_smile:


thanks for looking into it :slight_smile: