Media Keys do not work in strictly confined snaps

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As requested I’m re-posting each of the What snap needs to improve Electron support topics individually so they can each be better discussed.

The intention of this post is to highlight an outstanding issue, and hopefully get it priortised, that would help improve snap support for developers building on Electron.

There are several (one in particular) desirable media streaming applications built on top of Electron or Chromium framework that can integrate with media keys. However, the media keys are not being exposed so it is not possible to skip tracks or play/pause using media keys.

The upstream issue says this was fixed in snapd 2.23 but running Ubuntu 16.04.2 and snapd 2.25 I’m still not able to skip tracks or pause using the media keys.

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@Wimpress In that ticket we see @jdstrand saying installed spotify-client-test and the media keys worked fine. Can you try that snap and see if you can reproduce that experience?

In addition, can you please also detail what specifically have you tried and couldn’t get to work, taking into account the details @jdstrand outlined in the ticket?

I just reproduced this in 17.10 and gnome-shell. See

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This is now merged in master. You can try it out by using the core snap from edge channel. Otherwise it will probably show up in 2.28