Maven plugin missing in core20

snapcraft list-plugins --base core20

autotools catkin catkin-tools cmake colcon conda dump go make meson nil npm python qmake rust


snapcraft list-plugins --base core18

ant catkin-tools conda dump godeps kernel meson plainbox-provider ruby waf autotools cmake crystal flutter gradle make nil python rust catkin colcon dotnet go kbuild maven nodejs qmake scons


Just following up on Regal’s post. Is there any plan to add the Maven plugin to core 20 (or perhaps core22)? At some point we java/maven developers will need to get off of core18.

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The parts lifecycle was extracted from Snapcraft to the craft-parts library, and most plugins are now defined there (except plugins that are specific to snaps, such as ROS – these will still be in Snapcraft). Snapcraft 7 uses this library to create core22 snaps.

Please open an issue in requesting the Maven plugin to be ported so we can add it to the development backlog.

Thank you cmatsuoka. I’ve created issue #236 per your request.

LINK to GitHub Issue

Thank you very much.


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